Mirko Guaralda


Institution/Organisation: Queensland University of Technology
Position: Senior Lecturer
Biographical Information: I am an interdisciplinary researcher with a strong focus on ethics as a philosophy and process to inform architectural and urban design. Currently I am Senior Lecturer in Architecture in the School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty (CIF) at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. I was researcher at the United States Study Centre of Sydney (USSC) in 2012 with a study on the relationship between urban form and social behaviour. From August to December 2017 I have been visiting professor at the Thammasat University of Bangkok, Thailand, and engaged in the teaching and research activities of this institution.
My background includes experience in architecture, urban design, urban morphology as well as architectural history and theory, landscape architecture and heritage studies. My research focuses on People-Place interaction, with particular interest in how architecture can afford people to customise, appropriate and inhabit public spaces. My work analyses cityscapes through the identification of recurrent patterns, building typologies and design principles. The identity and character of a site are also interpreted by analysing how architecture impact the lived experiences and uses of the build environment. My research aims to provide a better understanding of urban dynamics, at different scales, to support a positive development and/or management of our cities. Since 2001 I have been involved in several research projects and so far have received over 0,000 in funding for my work relating to cities and communities.
Before joining academia full time, I worked in industry and local government; I have been involved in a wide range of projects at different scales, including civic facilities, multifunctional complexes, restoration of historical buildings, public spaces, parks and gardens, as well as strategic development plans.
I am currently research associate with the Urban Informatics Research Cluster and the Design Lab at QUT; previously I was also a member of the Children and Youth Research Centre and the Centre for Subtropical Design, both now discontinued.


Authored/ Co-authored Research

Title: Stakeholder engagement in Kelvin Grove Urban Village

Funders: Kelvin Grove Urban Village Principal Body Corporate

Author/Co-authors: Mirko Guaralda, Lewis Atkinson, Kirralie Houghton, Glenda Amayo Caldwell, Severine Mayere, Tan Yigitcanlar, Richard Medland

Keywords: Community, Information available to owners and residents, Liveability, Sociology,

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The Kelvin Grove Principle Body Corporate has commissioned this Report. The objective is to gather a better understanding of the permanent and transient population of KGUV as well as to understand which communication strategies could work better to engage and interact with KGUV city dwellers. There is an additional research component of the project that investigates the lived and perceived space of KGUV and builds on previous research by Guaralda, Yigitcanlar, Caldwell and Houghton about knowledge communities, creative suburbs, placemaking and community engagement.