Title: Under-Supply of Schooling in the Gentrified and Regenerated Inner City

Published: Cities, vol. 56, pp. 16 – 23

Author/Co-authors: Cathy Sherry, Hazel Easthope

Keywords: Children, Liveability, Planning, Policy, Public/private, Sustainability,

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Governments and planners in the Global North are increasingly faced with the challenge of providing services for growing numbers of families in the inner city. This article explores the actual and projected presence of children in inner Sydney and the pressure that gentrification and high density development has placed on school places. The conclusion of the research is that inner urban redevelopment must include sufficient public space and infrastructure not only for schools in the immediate future, but also for adaptive reuse for other, perhaps equally unanticipated, needs in the longer-term

Title: Exploring the regulatory framework and governance of decentralised water management systems: a strata and community title perspective

Published: National Water Commission

Funders: National Water Commission

Author/Co-authors: Nicole Johnston, Jan Warnken, Chris Guilding

Keywords: Environment, Governance, Qualitative research/interviews, Sustainability, Utilities / networks,

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The broad aim of the report is to explore the regulatory framework and governance issues associated with decentralised water management systems ) within a strata and community title (S&CT) context. Concerns about the capacity of centralised water supply systems to deliver reliable and secure water supplies have triggered interest in the potential of localised DWMSs as an alternative approach to water management. S&CT developments appear to represent strong potential vehicles for promoting DWMSs because there is an extant legislative framework that supports the governance and management .

Title: Governing the Compact City: The challenges of apartment living in Sydney, Australia

Published: Housing Studies; v. 24; no. 2; pp. 243 – 259; 0267-3037 (ISSN)

This paper has been peer reviewed

Author/Co-authors: Hazel Easthope, Bill Randolph

Keywords: Development, Equity, Governance, Law, Planning, Redevelopment / termination,

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This paper addresses the challenges facing the strata sector in Sydney in the context of current Australian metropolitan planning strategies promoting increased urban consolidation. It argues that the current focus on higher density development is vulnerable to challenges of regulation, representation and termination in strata developments. Furthermore, the increasing size and complexity of strata schemes as well as the existence of ageing strata stock are placing pressure on the strata title system in NSW . The concept of ‘governance’ provides one mechanism for improving understanding.

Title: Strata Stakeholder Mapping

Published: City Futures Research Centre, University of New South Wales

Author/Co-authors: Hazel Easthope, Caitlin Buckle,


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This document is intended as a reference document to help organisations understand the formal connections between the various stakeholders involved in the strata sector and beyond in Sydney.

Title: Governing the Compact City: The role and effectiveness of strata management

Published: City Futures Research Centre, UNSW; Sydney

Funders: This report is based on research undertaken with Australian Research Council Grant LP0989373 with support from Strata Community Australia (NSW), NSW Fair Trading, NSW Land and Property Information, the Owners Corporation Network of Australia Ltd. , Lannock Strata Finance and Macquarie Bank.

Author/Co-authors: Hazel Easthope, Bill Randolph, Sarah Judd

Keywords: Building management, By-laws/rules/CC&Rs, Community, Defects, Disputes/conflict, Governance,

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This Executive Summary outlines the main findings of the research project . The project had three major aims:
1. To explore the role, capacity and effectiveness of owners corporations as agencies of property governance and management in contemporary urban Australia.
2. To explore the capacity and effectiveness of strata managing agents as mediators of outcomes for residents and owners in the sector, and their role and function within the overall structure of management and governance.
3. To assess how well residential strata works from strata owners’ points of view.

Title: Home Modifications in Strata: Final Report

Published: City Futures Research Centre 2013

Funders: Leichhardt Council

Author/Co-authors: Hazel Easthope, Ryan van den Nouwelant

Keywords: Building improvements, Repairs and maintenance,

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The research reports on:
– Home modification needs in strata schemes identified by residents, peak body representatives and other professionals.
– Existing policy and legislation that affects the process of undertaking home modifications in strata titled properties.
– Challenges in undertaking home modifications and opportunities for change.

Title: Renewing the Compact City: Economically viable and socially sustainable approaches to urban redevelopment

Published: City Futures Research Centre, UNSW Australia; Sydney, Australia

Funders: Scheme – LINKAGE PROJECT, Funder ref. no. – LP130100400, Funding agency – AUSTRALIAN RESEARCH COUNCIL

Author/Co-authors: Hazel Easthope, Laurence Troy, Bill Randolph, Laura Crommelin, Simon Pinnegar

Keywords: Development, Planning, Redevelopment / termination,

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The aim of this project was to explore equitable and viable solutions to what has emerged as a fundamental issue facing Australian cities in coming decades: how to effectively, efficiently and inclusively redevelop older areas of privately owned multi‐unit strata titled housing to achieve the higher densities needed to accommodate population growth without exacerbating social inequalities and collateral social disruption. The research therefore addresses questions of both feasibility and equity regarding the termination and renewal of strata schemes.  

Title: Retirement Village or the General Community? Downsizing Choices of Older Australians

Published: State Of Australian Cities Conference 2015

Funders: Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute

Author/Co-authors: Hazel Easthope, Bruce Judd, Edgar Liu, Catherine Bridge

Keywords: Aged housing, Liveability,

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Of the 18% of Australians 50 years of age and older who moved between 2006 and 2011, it is estimated that around half had downsized by number of bedrooms. The majority downsized into private housing in the general community and around one fifth into retirement villages. This paper compares the demographic characteristics of these two groups, circumstances leading to moving, considerations made in their choice of accommodation, difficulty of the moving process and their satisfaction with the outcomes.

Title: Urban renewal and strata scheme termination: Balancing communal management and individual property right

Published: Environment and Planning A; v. 45; no. 6; pp. 1421 – 1435; 0308-518X (ISSN)

Author/Co-authors: Hazel Easthope, Sarah Hudson, Bill Randolph

Keywords: Development, Law, Planning, Redevelopment / termination,

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This paper makes particular reference to the implications of this debate in the greater Sydney metropolitan area, which raises universal issues regarding tensions between the government and the market and between individual rights and the collective good. This paper argues that there is a case for changing the legislation, with government involvement required to respond to the significant social issues raised, to guarantee the needs of existing owners and tenants are met, and to ensure that high quality, economically viable, buildings result.

Title: Managing Major Repairs in Residential Strata Developments in New South Wales

Funders: NSW Office of Fair Trading

Author/Co-authors: Hazel Easthope, Bill Randolph, Sarah Judd


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This document reports on the findings of research carried out by the City Futures Research Centre at the University of NSW into the management of major repairs and maintenance of common property in residential strata properties (containing three or more lots) in New South Wales. This is the first report to outline the attitudes and experiences of strata owners towards planning for major repairs and maintenance in NSW.